About The Designer

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Avisha Jhunjhnuwala, was born and raised in Hong Kong, a melting pot of diverse cultures. While growing up she maintained close ties to her Indian roots. She was fascinated by the allure of colours, diverse fabrics and intricate craftsmanship that went into creating gorgeous Indian ensembles.

As a wedding guest in Indian weddings, Avisha found herself in the ateliers of Indian designers. After wearing these outfits for an evening, she found them to be unmanageable- the skirts heavy with lots of embroidery and the blouses tight and form fitting. They were flattering, but not comfortable. She wanted to be able to enjoy this artisanal craftsmanship in a more versatile, everyday- kinda way.

While studying in the US, Avisha appreciated the culture of easy dressing, where effortless styling and comfort are a priority. This led to the conception of EKAM, with garments crafted to fuse the charm of ornate Indian fabrics with the ‘throw on’ wearable, western silhouettes that appeal to a modern, global taste.      

For the Conscious Consumer

Image courtesy of  MCKS Foods

Image courtesy of MCKS Foods

The sanskrit word “EKAM” literally translates to “oneness, united” in English. This is the soul of what we do and why we’re doing it. We are not only looking to blend cultures through clothing, but we strive to indirectly connect individuals from across the globe.

 At EKAM, we believe in giving what you get, for every purchase made, we give back a portion of it to those in need (ten meals per garment, to be exact). We like to be transparent of what we are giving, so our customer can become more aware of the cause. We aim to create awareness of three dimensional giving, and how individuals can get more involved and businesses can incorporate giving into their model.

 Another of our strong pillars is women empowerment. We believe in the women empowering women model, and in light of that, the clothing is manufactured by women only, who are employed under ethical terms and conditions, receive fair wages, and have a voice in the workplace.